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Book Cover DesignNew Release! “Pushkin’s Ode to Liberty”

Considered by many as Russia’s greatest poet, Pushkin is to Russia what William Shakespeare is to the English. He is considered to be the father of the golden age of Russian literature. Having influenced writers like Leo Tolstoy and Nikolai Gogol.

Pushkin’s fascination with dueling, his contribution to the Russian language, his accomplishments during his seven years in exile, his moral issues with religion, and his tribute to his comrades during the Decembrist Uprising are all revealed on the pages of this book. These pages also hold an insight into the vastness of the country, its history, its people and its struggle with its neighboring countries. It also reveals the identification of the author of the anonymous letter which contributed to Pushkin’s death. The proof finally surfaced decades later and it is shared in this book: a tribute and a summation of the mysteries surrounding Pushkin, the poet who became a legend.

This new book on Pushkin elaborates on:

  • His struggles with the autocracy and his role in it
  • His life and loves and where he found inspiration for both his poetry and prose
  • Where Romanticism was in vogue, he developed his own literary genre known as Realism
  • His masterpiece novel in verse “Eugene Onegin” gave rise to the woman’s voice on matters of love
  • His struggle with freedom of speech and censorship
  • His exploration of atheism as he saw hypocrisy in religion
  • His fascination with his maternal great-grandfather who was brought to Russia as a slave
  • His insights into the craft of telling a story to inspire others

He lived to the age of 37 when he was shot in a duel to defend his wife’s honor.

“I think that it will appeal to everyone who understands the value of liberty for the people who protect it and to those who want to realize it for themselves,” says DuVernet. Her book touches on a number of topics such as religion, atheism, honor, justice and liberty which, based on current events, are relevant to this day as Russia still struggles for liberty.

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